A strategic port HUB for an innovative Global Services project

Strategic area in ​​ Port of Taranto

UTM_EMME-ERRE HUB is located in a strategic area in ​​ Port of Taranto which can be reached with modern road and rail transport.

Quest'area dispone di una retro portualità con fornitori altamente specializzati, competitivi e pronti alle sfide sul mercato per la costruzione di componenti strutturali, meccanici, fluidi ed elettro-strumentali per realizzazioni OFF-SHORE, PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS, IRON & STEEL, POWER PRODUCTION, nonché una importante predisposizione alle realizzazioni GREEN ENERGY E GREEN POWER.

HUB / Galleria

A specialized, modern and complete reference

In fact, the proposed service aims to create a specialized and modern reference for customers who want to be able to build, complete, assemble and unitize any industrial work in the port of Taranto and facilitate its completion on board the loading dock by arranging and activating all the operations necessary for completion and embarkation.

Our goal pursues the introduction of new strategies and technological horizons supported by a complete organization in all its technical, engineering and management phases and capable of dealing with the realization of large systems and complete plants.

The depth near quay of currently 16 meters will allow for send of big ships or dedicated barges.

The ultimate goal is to offer future partners/customers a reduction in transport costs, encouraging the customer to use our site to assemble their components and ship them, even with packaging, from the quay on naval routes.

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Packaging e Logistics