Required engineering, also with 3D processing, from P&I and layout up to "As Built"

10-year engineering background

Management, Project Manager, team engineering and planner, come from an engineering background that has gathered various experiences over decades and achieved specialized professionalism in the management of important projects.

Ingegneria / Galleria

From P&I up to "As Built"

United Task Management s.r.l. is able to carry out and structure the required engineering, also with 3D processing, using the required programs, coordinate orders and provide drawings starting from P&I, layout, feasibility studies up to "As Built" for important projects in the following areas: NDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS, STEEL INDUSTRY, ENERGY PRODUCTION ETC. PROJECT AND STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS TRANSPORT SYSTEMS OFFSHORE STRESS ANALYSIS, BOILERS, PIPES, PRESSURE VESSELS, HEAT EXCHANGERS CONSTRUCTION OF ELECTRICAL, ELECTRO-INSTRUMENTAL AND AUTOMATION SYSTEMS STRUCTURAL AND TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY even with modern SCANNER techniques

Engineering exampleRead

U.T.M. s.r.l., thanks to the many years of experience of its management is able to offer a complete and innovative service for the execution of multidisciplinary engineers, using engineers for construction of structures, piping, pressure equipment and electro‐instrumental;

The example shows how U.T.M. LTD sets up and manages a specific engineering activities, starting from the realization of the reliefs in the field of part or the totality of the plant to realize, until you get to the final management of AS‐Built communicated from the yard;

The activity is subdivided according to the following points:

Relief system with 3D acquisition through laser scanner (in cooperation with highly qualified companies);

Preparation of feasibility studies and preliminary Lay‐Out issue;

P&I updating;

Calculations and Stress Analisys for Piping, Structures and Supports;

Calculations and Stress Analisys for Piping, Structures and Supports;

Engineering support for any drafting of the necessary specifications of supply to the welding engineering (WPS, Preparation PQR etc.);

Final As‐Built


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