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Specialized in the logistics sector and in the production of industrial wooden

Emme Erre s.r.l. is a company specialized in the logistics sector and in the production of industrial wooden packaging today increasingly gratified by Customer's Satisfaction thanks to having profitably capitalized on its over thirty years of Know How in national and international experiences with highly competitive supplies in engineering, quality, costs and safety of goods packed and intended for transport of any kind with machines and operating practices continuously updated to face the current and future market

The quality guarantee of our supplies is ensured by careful preventive technical and economic analyses, supported by engineering (2d and 3d), evaluation of the type of products to be packaged, means and route of transport necessary, finalizing the activities with the choice of systems and materials to adopt to establish the best competitive quality/cost ratio using standard production or dedicated products.


Our production is qualified for the national and international market having all the necessary certifications and compliant with current regulations including:FITOK and ISPM-15 FAO, phytosanitary legislation which certifies, at an international level, the absence of harmful organisms due to the handling of packaging; EPAL European Pallet Association, quality guarantee for EPAL pallets produced throughout Europe according to uniform and recognized criteria; ISPM-15FAO qualify our production standards in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

Basic types of production and supply

CasesConstructions suitable for any type of transport with the use of standard or customized measures for the safety of your machines or systems.

PalletsWe are specialized in offering EPAL certified quality products for the handling of any type of goods.

Basements and platformsThe stability and safety of equipment and systems in general are fundamental; Emme-Erre manufactures specific technologies for platforms and 2-way bases, with full or spaced bottoms according to the types to be adopted, even customized ones.

Saddles and supportsWe ensure suitable solutions of maximum safety for the transport and storage of circular systems, tanks, pipes and cylindrical bodies in general.

All packaging, depending on the needs, can have types and conservation methods such as: bags in coupled barrier, desiccant salts, protections in cartene or polyethylene with anticorrosive VCI, humidity indicators and inspection hatch; heat-shrinkable packaging can be produced on request.


Upon request, Emme also markets semi-finished products such as wooden boards and OSB panels, available in various sections and compliant with ISPM – 15 FAO standards and completes the wood supply chain with the production and sale of pellet fuel.


Emme Erre is also able to support its customers from a logistical point of view, adopting various communication and transport channels by land, by air and by sea. Where required, the company also provides a porterage and handling service and a whole series of operations aimed at offering specific solutions for any type of product. In summary, we offer complementary services related to the handling of goods such as:
Preparation of orders received Assembly and disassembly Wrapping and packaging Loading and unloading operations Activities and management of shipments and deliveries

The workforce employed for porterage activities is made up of qualified personnel with experience in the sector.


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